The hubby and I recently had a long weekend away in Gothenburg. I really wanted to see some Christmas markets, he didn’t really care where we went so I found the cheapest Ryanair flights to the coldest place possible: Gothenburg, Sweden!

I’d been to Sweden before, several years ago but I had never been to its second largest city, Gothenburg. We arrived early in the morning and quickly got to work devouring cinnamon buns. They have some of the best bakeries I have seen and the cafes are awesome. As my husband will attest, the healthiest meal I had each day was breakfast in the hotel, but once I was let loose onto the streets, it was cake, then a bun followed by more cake. I was always full on cake for the rest of the day that I skipped dinner!

cinnamon buns gothenburg

I also love how the Swedish (and Finnish) have a specific word – fika – for meeting up over a coffee (and cake obviously!). It’s so lovely that there is an emphasis on meeting up for a chat in their culture. Several shops actually offer cake and coffee in the their store in the afternoons (more cake for me!). I would love to introduce it in my workplace everyday.

raw balls in a gothenburg saluhallen

Everywhere we walked, we would come across lots of different pleasing designs for everything from candle holders to wooden spoons. I loved it and if we could have brought more back with us on Ryanair, we would have!

I loved these oil lamps in Norrgavel….

oil lamps in norrgavel


And these vases….



And an all-in-one candlestick and matchbox holder…

kristina stark candle stick holder match box holder


Granit was another store I quite liked for cheap simple things. They also sold cinnamon in 1-metre long sticks to make all those buns obviously!

metre long cinnamon gothenburg granit


But it was this shop I liked the most called The Kitchen, situated next door to Artilleriet on Magasinsgatan. Unfortunately I didn’t take a picture of it during the day but they had lots of different kitchenware items and tableware all housed in a small but perfectly decorated shop.

The Kitchen artilleriet gothenburg

I love how in Gothenburg, each shop sells different things, different styles, though they all sell interior design products and homewares. We didn’t make it into all of them because I spent so long in the ones we came across! Plus all the stops for cake….


The main reason for going was the Christmas markets. Though it seems we went a little early in the season, they weren’t all open yet but the ones that were open didn’t disappoint. Liseberg Amusement park was everything you want a Christmas market to be (except for a lack of mulled wine – they only had non-alcoholic glögg). There were food stalls, cakes stalls, rides, Christmas shops and design shops (naturally!). And A La London Designmarknad (not sure why it is called A La London) was an indoor market full of handcrafted designs by people from all over the Europe.


I was in awe of it all and a long weekend didn’t seem long enough! Not especially when there are more of these to be eaten….

cinnamon buns gothenburg