Senz Storm Proof Umbrella

2016-01-30 13.50.58

I’m glad this Senz Umbrella is my first product to trial. I’ve been thinking about it for so long but never bought one until now. The idea started years ago when I was sitting in my living room and as often happens, a random idea popped into my head. I was chatting to my flatmate and I asked, why are umbrellas symmetrical? Because you always hold them in one hand and immediately that leaves you with only half of the total coverage of the umbrella. So he looked it up and we found this!

I was so glad when we came across it as it meant maybe someone else also thinks in the same unusual way I do! Except they had gone one better and actually realised their idea. I love that covers me so well and I can turn it around to get better coverage compared with a normal circular umbrella.

2016-01-30 13.52.59

The shape is an interesting one. Yes, it is skewed to one side and as I’ve found this does help with rain coverage as you can turn it to cover more of you on one side, but it actually makes the umbrella look a bit like a kite stuck to a pole. It doesn’t look unusual to hold, no one has ever commented on it to me (maybe they’re all too polite). It predominantly looks unusual to myself when I hold it as I’m the one underneath it. But the shape gives it an extra advantage over other umbrellas. I suppose the same way kites work; it senses (see what I did there) the wind and floats along on it. The instructions tell you to hold the short end in front of you and the long side over you and then loosen your grip on the handle. It feels quite strange. Where other umbrellas make you feel like you’re fighting with the wind, this one just goes with it! I now feel smug strolling down the street in the rain, without having to battle with the wind. It really does work, check out the video at the bottom of this post.

2016-01-30 13.53.41

One other notable feature is the eye-protector covers on the end of every spoke. I always lift my umbrella up if I’m walking past people on a narrow path anyway but I’ll feel even less anxious about it now. I actually used to cringe at the thought of actually poking someone’s eye out or having my own eye poked out by someone else!

2016-04-06 19.28.56

Eye Protectors

The umbrella also has an automatic open and closing option which I think it’s great when you only have one hand free and it just looks more suave when you don’t have to struggle trying to close it when it’s wet. 

2016-04-06 19.25.41

Automatic open/close button

My one little suggestion to Senz would be to have the button under one’s thumb for quick opening and closing. But it is positioned at the front so your fingers would be pressing the button and that’s just a bit awkward especially when they suggest holding the short side to your front. Currently it means pressing the button and then turning the umbrella around to get its correct position. But this is a minor point for me when weighed against all the positives and all those broken and sad-looking umbrellas discarded by rubbish bins after a relatively gentle downpour. No more cheap umbrellas every month! 

2016-04-02 13.12.42

A sad discarded umbrella

The umbrella cover which allows you to safely put it away in your bag when it’s still wet is also well designed. It is made of thick plastic-lined material that means the water doesn’t seep through like a lot of the cheaper umbrellas do (no more plastic bags or dripping umbrellas).

2016-04-06 19.24.34

Umbrella cover

They come in various colours, sizes, foldability and automatics but I went for the foldable one to make my commute easier especially when getting out my travelcard and a one-handed operation is required! The pattern you see on my umbrella is called Gear Up.  Another little suggestion for Senz is to have more brighter colours and patterns to show off my amazing well-designed umbrella!


It has won numerous design awards and rightly so but a picture (or in this case a video) paints a thousand words. See the wind testing link below if you’re still not convinced!


I do not sell this product on my website and the link below is only a click-through to a supplier on Amazon but if you would like to get your hands on one, then click on the image.

Screenshot 2016-04-11 at 11.09.47 PM



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