That! Spread That! II Butter Knife


I was wandering around Stoke Newington (London) recently with a friend and we came across a kitchenware shop on Church Street. My feelings towards kitchenware shops are exactly like chemists and hardware stores. I always feel that I need something but I’m never sure what exactly it is, except that I will spend the time trawling through every aisle looking for that thing that I thought I needed but then end up buying something I didn’t even know I needed!

I’ve had a dilemma for the last few years on and off concerning butter, for a number of reasons.

The first is That! (sorry) I don’t own a butter dish. In the whole thought process of moving temporarily from Australia (8 years ago!), I banned myself from buying superfluous items such as spatulas and butter dishes (of course, clothes and shoes were the only exceptions to this rule). I was always conscious of how many boxes would have to be expensively shipped home at the end of my global jaunt. My ex-flatmate will testify to this crazy behaviour of mine as well. Butter dishes acquired = 0.

The second is that I started doing ceramics classes a couple of years ago. I was throwing bowls and mugs and plates and vases and so on.  This meant that the fiancé subsequently banned me from buying anything ceramic including butter dishes! I have tried unsuccessfully to make a butter dish. I can throw round objects but throwing rectangular objects is an altogether more difficult (if not impossible) task. I’ve also tried building it up by hand but I’ve also failed as I’ve not been able to make the lid fit and if my butter is going to be sweating it out on the worktop, the lid should fit. Butter dishes made successfully = 0.

The third is that I do not normally think ahead when it comes to eating my butter. It comes out of the fridge at the point of when I need to spread it on bread or toast or when I need to mix it into a pastry dough. The outcome of this is usually chunks of butter like floating yellow icebergs sitting atop bits of torn bread/toast . (This is sometimes a blessing though, I love to eat fresh bread with chunks of cold butter). It also results in lumpy pastry dough. I surely cannot be the only impatient person who has this problem when it comes to keeping butter in the fridge. Butter = 1, Me = 0.

I also find it slightly disturbing not to keep a dairy product in the fridge, it was just what my family did (probably because I grew up in a margarine household and this was always usable straight from the fridge).

2016-04-29 14.35.47

So That! (this, sorry) obviously caught my eye in the shop. It was the answer to several years of anxiety over butter battles, my shopping ban, my hopeless attempts at pottery and cold butter straight from the fridge!

2016-04-29 14.36.14

Reading the blurb got me really excited, although I was still a bit worried because I tend to have cold extremities and by that I mean that my hands and feet are nearly always cold, no matter the weather. But I reasoned that my skin would still probably be warmer than the temperature of butter straight out of the fridge and the conducting technology would work so I had high hopes.

2016-04-29 14.38.05

The design is slick. All rounded edges except for the serrated part of the knife itself. It narrows toward the blade end and widens at the rubber grip. It has a textured finish which gives it a nice grippy feel. It seems heavy for a butter knife but it feels nicely heavy, solid. It is made out of titanium-coated copper alloy.

I did a little product trial on it because I was skeptical. I took my butter out of the fridge and let the knife warm up in my hand for a little bit, even though it is “ready to use the moment you pick it up”. The butter came off in shreds like you would expect from a serrated knife. I buttered my bread and thought it worked quite well. My bread still did tear very slightly but maybe this was because I like my butter loaded on to my bread. Not quite the fine curls I expected….

2016-04-29 14.37.31

Next up was my ordinary knife. The one I use for meals. It also has a serrated edge and the butter duly came off in a sheet of shreds. It was almost as good. The advantage of the heat conducting knife is very slight. They both spread the butter similarly but perhaps the Spread That! knife is marginally better.

2016-04-29 14.48.06

My ordinary knife on the right

Interestingly I noticed that after I sat down to write this blog, I left the two knives on my window sill and this had happened…

2016-04-29 17.03.22

Melted butter on the That! knife after sitting in the sun

The butter had melted completely and it was warmer to the touch than my stainless steel knife so perhaps there was some truth in the blurb. However I was expecting a bigger difference in my butter spreading and the end of my butter woes, and it only left me wanting.

The knife I bought is also a revised design, hence the name. Their earlier knife lacks the serrated edge so perhaps the conducting metal alone is not enough for it to work well.


Spread That! Version 1. This is not my photo…

The fiancé likes the feel of the it but agrees the heat conduction is minimal (and he has no circulation issues like I do). Either way I would save my money for a nice butter dish….

The knife comes in three colours; black, silver and rose gold, and two rubber grip colours; black and red. I don’t believe the different coloured metals have any bearing on the heating conductance of the knife. Mine is silver with black grip.

You can watch their Youtube advertisement for Spread That! I here.


I do not sell this product on my website and the link below is only a click-through to a supplier on Amazon but if you would like to get your hands on one, then click on the image below.






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